Politica di rimborso

Shipments in Italy

Type of delivery


Estimated shipping time

Standard delivery for € 30.00 and above

We inform you that, due to the high number of orders received during the "Black Friday" period, orders may suffer slight delays.


5-7 Business Days

Standard delivery

Below a charge of € 30

€ 6

5-7 Business Days

Delivery of bulk products

€ 7.75

5-7 Business Days


During the week  : orders placed before 7.00pm will be processed the same day (including Saturdays). Orders placed after 7.00pm will be processed the next day, including Sundays

Holidays: orders will not be delivered during the holidays. The first available weekday will be sent.

* Attention: for some types of promotion and / or offer the shipping time could be longer.

They will have a maximum weight of 1.6kg per can. European orders, and a charge of € 6.00 per shipment will be added. All orders above this weight limit will have an incremental shipping cost compared to their weight (€ 2 for each extra 2 kg). If you have any questions regarding the bulk order, you can contact our Customer Service.


Orders can not be changed after purchase. Can not be changed. If you change your order is strictly necessary, please contact our Customer Service to request a cancellation. If you need to cancel an order, we will not be able to take further actions. If the order is not canceled in time, you can return the products requesting a refund. We will not pay return shipping costs.

Orders in Bulk

If you order a number of different products, you will be asked for an additional payment, so that the goods are properly shipped and delivered. If you plan to purchase a large quantity of product, please contact our Customer Service directly to ensure correct shipping.


The Fast & Up Team is committed to making sure that orders are processed quickly and that the products are delivered in excellent condition. If you have further questions and / or requests regarding the shipment of your order, please contact our Customer Service.