Q.  Can we put the tablet directly in the mouth?

A.  The tablet can not be consumed directly, it must be dissolved in water, then wait for it to dissolve and then drink.

Q.  Does the product have contraindications?

A.  The products have no contraindications if used correctly, but it is always better to consult a doctor, if there are diseases, before use.

Q.  Can products be used only by professional athletes?

A.  Absolutely not! Anyone who is passionate about sports can use our products, from the professional athlete to the simple lovers of sports and fitness.

Q.  How do I use the product?

A.  All our products, with the exception of Energy Gel, B12 Cream, and BCAA, are effervescent tablets, simple and easy to use. Pour water into glass, put tablet and wait for it to dissolve, before drinking.

In contrast, Energy Gel can be consumed directly, while BCAA is a powder to be dissolved in water.

Q.  Why was effervescent technology used?

A.  Because it allows rapid absorption, it is easy to use, take and transport and remains gentle on the stomach.