Qzorb Technology

Quick absorption technology

Fast&Up effervescent supplements are based on the innovative Qzorb rapid absorption technology, which is based on 8 factors that facilitate the intake of the supplements and the assimilation of the vitamins contained in them.

Faster onset
of action

to use

Better patient

to swallow

Gentle on the digestive track



Increase in
liquid intake

Faster onset of action

It is given by the fact that the active ingredients dissolve in water, ensuring a faster absorption by the body. Absorption is further facilitated by CO2, released during the effervescent reaction, which promotes the transport of active ingredients in the body.

Easy to use

Effervescent supplements are easy to use thanks to the peculiarity of being self-mixing. This process is given by the effervescence of the product itself which, thanks to the release of CO2, favors an even distribution of the tablet.

Better patient compliance

The good taste of Fast&Up supplements is achieved by eliminating unpleasant flavors and instead favoring the use of flavorful and tasty fruit fragrances.

Easy to swallow

The effervescent supplements are the ideal solution for all those who find it difficult to swallow capsules and pills thanks to their extreme ease of intake through the almost instantaneous dissolution in a glass of water.

Gentle on the digestive track

Effervescent formulations have a gentle action on the stomach of the user because they dissolve completely in a liquid solution avoiding annoying principles of stomach acidity.

Reliable efficacy

Effervescent supplements provide greater reliability as the components contained in the tablets are evenly distributed.

Efficient formulation

Large amounts of active ingredients can be incorporated, and it is also possible to combine multiple ingredients into a single dose.

Increase in liquid intake

The last and perhaps most important feature is increased fluid intake and consequently increased hydration if you make regular use of the supplements.