Fast&Up is Partner of The Green Herons FC

Novelty Pharma’s active lifestyle brand supports the Dubai team

Fast&Up, brand leader in intelligent nutrition that develops, produces and sells on an international level, products for sports enthusiasts, health and daily well-being, has begun a new collaboration with The Green Herons FC, a newly founded soccer team in the UAE Third Division League, the fourth professional league of the United Arab Emirates.

«This partnership represents an opportunity for us to broaden our horizons and get to know new sports teams and cultures, and not just limiting ourselves to Italy» comments Giorgio Baratelli, CEO of Novelty Pharma, company that owns the Fast&Up Italia brand. «Our desire is to expand the use of Fast&Up products, especially our supplements, all over the world, and we could not imagine a better window than Dubai to reach this goal».
The reason? In Dubai, soccer is a blooming industry, that grows everyday thanks to expert coaches and staff that dedicate themselves to sports training and teams in every category, as well as ex-professional athletes that bring their experience on the field. In fact, among the main players of The Green Herons FC is a face that is no stranger to Italian fans, Ibrahim Ibou Ba, ex soccer player that was on AC Milan for five seasons.

Fast&Up is ready to get on the field to support The Green Herons FC athletes during the 2022-2023 season. The active lifestyle brand’s supplements will support players throughout practices, during competitions and, most importantly, during the post recovery phase for muscle and joint renewal.