Kazak Experience, the docufilm at high altitude

Kazak Experience is the title of the short film made by Shanty Cipolli, ski instructor and mountain guide, Mattia Felicetti, mountain guide, ski instructor and coach, and Francesco Perrone, alpine guide.

The three athletes wanted to document and share experience among the majestic snowy mountains of Kazakhstan with their supporters and partners, including Fast&Up.
The adventure takes place on Mount Belucha, the highest peak of the Altai Mountains extending around 2,000 km, touching four countries: China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The Fast&Up team played a key role in this project because our energizing products accompanied the adventurers throughout their journey: «Taking supplements has been fundamental because they have supported us throughout the sports activities, allowing us to maintain high levels of energy even in really heavy weather conditions», comments Shanty Cipolli.

It is possible to live the Kazak Experience and meet the three filmmakers participating in the first premiere of the documentary. When? Friday, November 18th at Plays World in Bergamo and Saturday, November 19th at The Place-Bike Hub in Aosta.

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