Let’s surf with Brando Giovannoni

Brando Giovannoni, Italian Champion of U16 Surfing e Fast&Up Ambassador, is about to embark on a new adventure.

The young athlete has been selected to be part of the national Italian team to participate at the 2022 edition of Eurosurf Junior in Santa Cruz!

How will he prepare for the upcoming challenge on the Portuguese beaches? Using his favorite Fast&Up products. «Before, during and after activity, I always use Reload because it helps me with hydration, which is fundamental when the temperatures are really high».

And to stay energized during trainings? «I use Malto Gel because it gives you an instant energy boost».

Beyond his personal goals, young Brando also has high hopes for the future of surf in Italy «It’s growing a lot and I hope that the curiosity brings more people to try this sport».

Watch the full interview and… go Brando!