Fast&Up at the peak of mountains with la Sgambada de Blum

We’re here: every year, during the weekend of Ferragosto, Sgambada de Blum, a historic non-competitive race organized by the Gruppo Alpini of Rovetta in Val Seriana (BG), takes place.

This year Fast&Up and its products for sports enthusiasts, health and daily well-being, will run alongside the other 700 participants from Piazza Ferrari (650 m), to Rovetta, up until the peak of Monte Blum (1.270 m).

A journey of 4,2 km that covers a difference in alititude of 620 metri, made even more special by the celebration of the 50° anniversary of the Cappella Alpina al Monte Blum, built by the Gruppo Alpini of Rovetta and inaugurated in 1972.

The two-day event will begin August 13th, with the enrollment of participants and nighttime torchlight procession on the mountain, to officially inaugurate the race. On August 14th, at 9.30 it begins! Fast&Up will be present both to give a boost of energy to all the racers with product samples and to award participants and winners o various categories with special Fast&Up prizes.

An occasion for sharing, fun and sport: the values that also characterize our brand.